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Remember a time when we would drive miles for the nearest Masjid?


Or maybe you don't, and for you, there's a masjid just around every other corner in your city.

But do you remember the last time your masjid was full?

The pioneers of the Muslim communities in our nation spent a lot of time, energy, and effort building masajid and the communities around them.

Now it's our time to build community inside our masajid. We need activities, programs, classes, and spiritual support provided at the masjid.


But brick and mortar don't teach; people do.

After initially establishing a safe haven in Makkah, the Prophet ﷺ built people before continuing to build masajid in Madinah. He received revelation from Allah through Angel Jibreel and then taught his companions so they could go out and bring Islam to the rest of the world. So here in cities like Las Vegas, we have our Islam but no one to teach us, strengthen our faith, or build the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood that our religion was built upon.

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This is where the Las Vegas community and the Qalam Seminary come in.

We have the resources, people, and talent in Las Vegas and the education, training, and mentorship at Qalam. A full five year Islamic Studies program is offered at the Seminary with the first year covering the study of Classical Arabic for the purpose of understanding the Qur'an and primary texts, the second year providing a strong foundation of all the Islamic sciences, and the following three years completing the Alimiyah course.

If we joined our efforts and raised the funds to not only provide a living space for students at the Qalam Seminary, but rented it out to cover their tuition, a steady stream of Las Vegas residents would learn, grow, and benefit from Qalam. These same well-educated, well-trained, and talented community workers would then return back home and impart what they gained, filling our masajid with lively beneficial activity insha'Allah.

Supporting this project will accomplish 3 Important Goals:


Scholarships for students from Las Vegas

Housing for those same students to subsidize their living expenses

A stream of community activists and leaders returning to their city to give back

Every successful idea takes time before fruition, but bi’idhnillah, we are able to envision the fruits of our efforts - not only the Vegas masajid bustling with people of all types benefiting from all that is offered, but other communities looking at the Las Vegas Muslim community as a model for their own. Not only our children, neighbors, and colleagues receiving reward from Allah ﷻ for dedicating themselves to learning and serving the deen, but ourselves for providing those means and an example for all else in this endeavor.

The good that is in Vegas should not just stay in Vegas. The individuals who have a lot to offer their community but need direction and the funds to receive that direction should be facilitated by their community. We need your help to make that happen.


If you’d like to make a one time donation please click here.

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